ADAPT exhibits ‘Art or AI?’ at ESCA Conference 2024

04 April 2024

The ADAPT Education and Public Engagement team is showcasing its work at the European Citizen Science Association (ESCA) 2024 conference in Vienna this week, running from April 3rd to 6th. Team members Laura Grehan, Dr Emma Clarke and Faye Murphy will present ADAPT’s ’Art or AI?’ interactive museum piece at the conference’s Citizen Science Festival on Saturday, April 6th at the Natural History Museum Vienna. The festival is open to museum visitors.

Recent years have witnessed remarkable advancements in AI technology, in particular, the rapid advancements in generative AI. Tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion are reshaping perceptions of art and creativity. However, humans face a challenge in discerning between traditional artwork and pieces generated by machines.

The ‘Art or AI?’ Museum of Very Modern Art employs interactive gaming to provoke audience reflection and dialogue on the role of AI in our lives. It invites visitors to determine whether artworks are human-made or AI-generated, fostering engagement through a brief interactive quiz. This experience prompts contemplation on the nature of generative AI outputs and their potential impacts. Questions surrounding the ethicality and desirability of utilizing such systems emerge naturally.

Developed by the Science Foundation Ireland’s ADAPT Research Centre, ‘Art or AI?’ has been showcased at events like European Researchers’ Night in Dublin and various science and technology festivals across Ireland. It serves as a component of ADAPT’s ‘#DiscussAI’ campaign, which has facilitated a national discourse on AI involving over 60,000 members of the Irish public.

Access the abstract here:

START Researchers Night at Douglas Hyde Gallery 29.9.23 Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX