ADAPT Director Prof. John Kelleher Participates in RES-Q+ Meeting Enhancing Stroke Care

11 June 2024

Last April, ADAPT Director Professor John Kelleher attended a meeting for RES-Q+, a collaborative project under Horizon Europe aimed at improving stroke care. The meeting took place in Aalborg and facilitated rapid decision-making on key issues, including the development of initial predictive models and the selection of use cases.

The in-person discussions were enriched by the contributions from the Ethics Board and External Advisory Board members, fostering engaging and insightful conversations. The presence of clinical partners was particularly valuable, especially during the deliberations on the use of virtual assistants in stroke care.

RES-Q+ builds on the success of the Registry of Stroke Care Quality (RES-Q), which is currently utilised by over 90 countries within the EU and beyond for collecting and analysing stroke care quality data. RES-Q+ will capture comprehensive patient information, spanning from in-hospital data to post-discharge care.

One of the project’s significant advancements is the automation of data entry into the registry using natural language processing (NLP) with a clinically validated semantic model, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of audits and feedback. Additionally, the project will develop a standard model for audit reports using artificial intelligence.

A major innovation within the project is the introduction of two AI-enabled voice assistants. One voice assistant will aid patients in providing feedback on their health status, while the other will assist physicians in managing stroke care more effectively.

This project represents a significant step forward in utilising advanced technologies to improve stroke care quality and patient outcomes across Europe and beyond.