ADAPT DCU Deputy Director publishes three books over 2023

01 December 2023

Since the start of this year, ADAPT Deputy Director Professor Andy Way (Dublin City University) has published three books across varied topics including addressing digital language equality, computer assisted literary translations and a history book. This achievement represents an impressive body of work over the course of the year. The books are as follows:

European Language Equality: A Strategic Agenda for Digital Language Equality, edited in conjunction with Georg Rehm.

This open access book presents the results of the European Language Equality (ELE) project, with key suggestions on achieving digital language equality in Europe by 2030. It offers an in-depth analysis of the technology support for over 30 European languages and is of benefit to both students and researchers from language and speech technology, natural language processing (NLP) or language-centric artificial intelligence (AI). Access the book here via Springer.

The Ways of Milborne St. Andrew: A 250-Year Family History.

This self-published book traces the movement of the Way family to Milborne St Andrew — a small Dorset village — in 1777 or so, seven generations back, and ends with the offspring of Andy’s great grandfather and his siblings 200 years later. Andy has been a keen genealogist for many years, and is custodian of the Way family tree on Ancestry. Despite not being a common surname in general terms, in the 1881 census for the small Dorset village of Milborne St Andrew, Way was the most popular surname. All 32 of those Ways were related to each other, and are related to Andy. Despite the drift away from the countryside to larger towns, there are still Ways today in the village, and much Way blood in various other families in the village and beyond. The book contains hundreds of family records which Ancestry gave permission to include. Given that Andy was introduced to senior executives in Ancestry by Shay Lawless, he was delighted to dedicate the book to our dear, departed colleague. Copies are available, contact [email protected] for more info.

Computer-Assisted Literary Translation, edited in conjunction with Andrew Rothwell and Roy Youdale.

This collection surveys the state of the art of computer-assisted literary translation (CALT), making the case for its potential to enhance literary translation research and practice. The book addresses key questions on the definition of literary translation, examining its sociological dimensions and individual translator perspective. It also explores the affordances of technological advancements and availability of new tools in such areas as post-edited machine translation (PEMT) in expanding the boundaries of what we think of when we think of literary translation. Available on Amazon here.

Following this successful year, Prof. Way has plans to release three additional books in 2024 news of which will be announced on the ADAPT website once available.