ADAPT Committee Shortlisted in OASIS Open Standards Cup

20 January 2021
ADAPT Committee Shortlisted in OASIS Open Standards Cup

Posted: 22/06/16

XLIFF Open Model and Other Serializations (XLIFF-OMOS) Technical Committee (TC), convened by ADAPT PI’s Professor David Lewis and Dr David Filip, has been shortlisted as an ‘Outstanding New Initiative’ in the OASIS Open Standards Cup. OASIS (Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is an international consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. The nomination was made by the OASIS Technical Advisory Board, a group highly experienced in interoperability standardisation. The annual Open Standards Cup recognises exceptional advancements within the IT community and includes two awards: Outstanding Approved Standard and Outstanding New Initiative.

Chaired by Dr David Filip, the principal goal of the OASIS XLIFF-OMOS Technical Committee is to define and further advance standards-based payload and metadata interoperability in the globalisation, internationalisation, localisation and translation (GILT) industries.

The ADAPT TC’s deliverables will describe and define standard serialization-independent interchange objects based on legacy XML standards that have been successfully used in the GILT industries. For example, the TC will define and maintain non-XML serializations of the XLIFF Object Model, including prominently a JSON serialization. TC members will define specific standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and abstract service architectures for various XLIFF serializations, and for other related standards. The TC plans to host and maintain the Translation Memory Exchange (TMX) v1.4b (1.4.2) specification, developing and maintaining any successor versions of the TMX standard including its serialization-independent Object Model and various serializations.

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