ADAPT Collaborations feature on Irish Times List of Tech Innovations tackling Health and Social Challenges in Dublin

03 August 2023

ADAPT Spinout MoveAhead featured recently in the Irish Times in relation to tech innovations tackling health and social challenges in Dublin. MoveAhead was co-founded by Jamie McGann and Johann Issartel, based in the Guinness Enterprise Centre, Dublin 8. MoveAhead was developed in response to the increase of sedentary lifestyles among children. The project transforms sedentary-focussed screen time into safe, effective and fun movement-based interactions for kids with health and cognitive benefits. On the project, Jamie McGann said:

“It’s about meeting kids where they are and giving them opportunities to play and develop skills that we would have developed through hopscotch, skipping and leapfrog.”

As indicated in the article, MoveAhead is completely safe as it uses the coordinates of the body to function rather than images. The ultimate goal of the software is to be used within the education sector as it can provide useful feedback to parents, teachers and policy makers.

Also mentioned in the article was the ADAPT Centre and Dublin City Council collaboration, Smart D8. The Smart D8 district will focus on the health and wellbeing of citizens and will offer the opportunity for Research and Development where citizens can test products and services locally. The Smart D8 project applies a people-centric approach, with the engagement and active participation of the local community at its core. Quoted in the article was Smart D8 Ecosystem Manager, Jack Lehane, who said on the project:

“There is an idea that you can engage populations at scale and limit the number of people who end up getting sick in the first place. Maybe we could use our resources a little more ‘smartly’. Maybe we don’t need bigger hospitals; we just need fewer people getting sick”

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