ADAPT Centre welcomes Marc Tachelet, Director of Research Executive Agency ahead of START: European Researchers Night

10 October 2023

The ADAPT Centre recently welcomed Marc Tachelet, Director of the Research Executive Agency, to our offices to introduce him to some of our researchers funded from the HorizonEU and MSCA programmes as well as to demonstrate some exciting new technology as part of our Explore AI showcase for START: European Researchers Night. Explore AI, an interactive showcase of cutting edge research on artificial intelligence (AI) brought to you by the ADAPT Research Centre, took place on Friday 29th of September in the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Trinity College Dublin for START: European Researchers Night 2023. Over 600 members of the public joined us to explore the impact of AI on creativity, health and entertainment through several innovative demos led by our researchers.

Attendees were able to grab a coffee in our AI Dilemma Café and discuss how the technology we interact with on a day-to-day basis shapes our lives and our interactions with others. Attendees also took part in our interactive exhibits including Artificial Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) demonstrations from “Unleash your Inner Superhero”, using AR x-ray vision tech, and “From virtual to reality… and back!”, where attendees experienced what it feels like to embody a virtual avatar. AI-generated image tools like DALL-E and Midjourney were also discussed at the showcase. Attendees were challenged to spot if a series of artworks were created by human hands or by artificial intelligence with the demo “Art or AI?’ Museum of Very Modern Art”.

SignON, an ADAPT EU funded project centred around co-creation and exploring automated translation between sign languages and spoken languages, also held a pop-up talk showcasing their current research at the event. The team demonstrated the creative approaches the project is using to gather feedback from potential Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing users. SignOn also produced “That is the Question”, an innovative Shakespeare performance in Irish Sign language combining science and theatre to explore how AI might perceive sign language.

Following the thread of language demonstrations, eSTÓR, an Irish Language Technology project, showed attendees how they collect English-Irish data to improve their eTranslation Machine Translation system. For the Irish speakers, there was also a demonstration of a new tool to help automatically produce short text that can be edited manually to create a new page on the Irish language version of Wikipedia, Vicipeid.

Additional demos were held by the PARADISE project who are focused on utilising AI to help improve the treatment for people suffering from vasculitis. During the demo, our researchers demonstrated how blood flows to organs via healthy blood vessels versus inflamed blood vessels in vasculitis.

To learn more about the exciting projects involved in this year’s START: European Showcase, go to our website here:

START Researchers Night at Douglas Hyde Gallery 29.9.23 Pic Paul Sharp/SHARPPIX