ADAPT Centre Hosts Panel Discussion on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Systems

19 January 2021
ADAPT Centre Hosts Panel Discussion on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Systems

Posted: 18/05/17

We are said to be living in the age of the algorithm, and as with all periods technological transformation it is accompanied by the concerns of the loss of control. The ADAPT Centre, in conjunction with the Science Gallery, recently hosted a panel discussion titled ‘Ethical by Design or Default’ as part of the HUMANS NEED NOT APPLY exhibition. Exploring the ethical issues at stake, the panel discussed whether AI can be designed and developed in an ethical manner and whether systems are ethical by default, design or not at all.

The panel, which saw over 80 attendees, was chaired by Professor Linda Hogan (TCD) and heard Wessel Reijers (ADAPT Centre- DCU), Marie Wallace (IBM), Dr Kevin Koidl (ADAPT Centre – TCD) and Dr Johnny Soraker (Ethicist and Policy Specialist) debate the issues of ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

ADAPT PhD candidate, Wessel Reijers, commented: “We need to lose track of the purpose of our daily activities. We are so preoccupied and become focused on what we’re doing. However, if we take a step back our activity is all really, very empty. We should think about the good impact we want to have on the ubiquitous technology.”

When asked to sum up if they were optimistic or pessimistic about the future, the panel was divided. Soraker concluded “It depends on consumer behaviour.”

The discussion was organised by the ADAPT Ethics and Privacy Research Initiative which brings together researchers from across disciplines (Computer Science, Law, Ethics, Sociology etc.) both within the ADAPT Centre and beyond to progress the state of art and practice in Ethics and Privacy.

Watch the full discussion. 

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