ADAPT Centre Creates New Virtual AI Community Club for Ireland

03 September 2021
AI Community Club

The SFI ADAPT Centre has created the AI Community Club, a platform designed to bring AI enthusiasts, researchers and leaders together ‘virtually’ to boost collective innovation.  

The AI Community Club provides a central location for the numerous communities and initiatives that exist to explore the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The new platform is looking to support the growing community of AI followers by providing one single location for people to engage at any time.  In addition to being a reference point for the whole community, the platform aims to consolidate the flourishing ecosystem across the island of Ireland.

ADAPT has an established network of AI experts and partners nationwide across 8 major universities and our ambition is to bring AI followers, researchers and leaders together as a community, to power collective innovation. We want to hear your ideas as to how the AI Community Club can evolve to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges facing the AI community in Ireland and internationally.

Announcing the initiative, Executive Director of the ADAPT Centre, Declan McKibben said: “We hope this virtual forum will grow into a diverse community of technical researchers, specialists and enthusiasts and provide a place where we can educate each other, showcase best practices and innovate new solutions.  We are looking to build on the success of other initiatives such as the Machine Learning Dublin Meetup that has over 6000 followers, the popular ADAPT run Ethics and Privacy Public lecture series, and our Discuss AI initiative to develop a virtual space that will provide an inclusive, respectful environment for this engaged community.  We are looking for input into how that should be evolved so that we can support and grow Ireland’s AI community that takes in all levels of knowledge and ability.”

The ADAPT Centre hopes that the initiative will help foster innovation by allowing members to create multiple discussions and benefit from the expertise of others.  

The initial pilot can be found here:  

Interested parties are welcome to join the AI Community Club to help shape this virtual space and any existing AI communities are encouraged to connect in.  If you’d like to get in touch you can email [email protected]