ADAPT Centre Associate Director Dave Lewis featured in the AI Ireland Podcast on the AI Act

11 May 2023

Episode 103 of the AI Ireland podcast features Dave Lewis, and Brian McElligott, Partner and Head of AI at Mason Hayes & Curran who discussed The AI Act.

The AI Act is a proposed European law on artificial intelligence (AI) – the first law on AI by a major regulator anywhere. The law assigns applications of AI to three risk categories. First, applications and systems that create an unacceptable risk, such as government-run social scoring, are banned. Second, high-risk applications, such as a CV-scanning tool that ranks job applicants, are subject to specific legal requirements. Lastly, applications not explicitly banned or listed as high-risk are largely left unregulated.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. What is the AI Act
  2. Why companies need to figure out AI regulation
  3. How organizations can prepare for The AI Act
  4. Immediate measures that companies can put in place
  5. Challenges in introducing The AI Act
  6. Considerations to take from a national perspective


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