ADAPT and Learnovate Host Event on Generative AI and the Future of Learning

23 May 2024

This week, ADAPT and Learnovate collaborated on an highly anticipated event titled ‘Unlocking the Future of Learning: The Latest Insights into Generative AI’ held at Trinity College Dublin.  The event brought together educators, researchers, and industry professionals who explored the potential of generative AI in education.  

The event featured a keynote talk by Professor Vinny Wade, Chair of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin and Principal Investigator at ADAPT, titled ‘The Increasing Role of Chatbots and Generative AI in EdTech’s Digital Transformation’.  Highlighting both the benefits and challenges of this field, Professor Wade emphasised the increasing use of generative AI across the education sector along with a range of applications aimed at improving both teaching and learning experiences.  For students, generative AI tools can provide personalised tutoring, generate questions and answers to assist with study, and offer feedback, facilitating rapid learning and knowledge development.  Teachers are utilising generative AI to customise lesson plans, generate quizzes, and distill student responses, helping to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their teaching methods.  In addition, administrators can benefit from AI-driven solutions to assist with tasks such as generating guides and creating questionnaires, ultimately reducing workload and improving organisational efficiency.

Following the keynote talk, Ian O’Keefe, Technology Lead at Learnovate, brought us through the Learnovate research, looking at generative AI supporting and facilitating authentic learning experiences. Highlighting the close relationship between Learnovate research and industry, Ian explored ten areas of interest that Learnovate’s AI Research Working Group is focusing on with contributions from over twenty Patron and Contributor Members.  Leveraging the new capabilities offered by the technology, he explained the Learnovate ‘grand challenge’ such as authentic learning experience, content creation, the implications for assessment, and the concept of a personalised learning planner that the team are working towards.  

Following the two talks, Director of Learnovate, Nessa McEniff, chaired a panel discussion titled ‘The Impact of AI for Education’ featuring Mark Jordan of Skillnet Ireland, Eamonn Linehan of Workday, and Eshter Murphy of DigiAcademy.  The panel explored how AI is impacting their organisations and how they are leveraging it to enhance their workforce.  

The event provided valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration across the sector.  Participants gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies in adopting generative AI and the considerations needed in an evolving regulatory environment.

A downloadable booklet on Education and AI is available here.

A full recording of the event will be available shortly.