ADAPT Academic Appointed to DCU's Governing Authority

04 August 2021

Professor Ray Walshe, a senior researcher in the ADAPT Centre at DCU, has been appointed to the Governing Authority of DCU.  The election, which was run online for the first time, saw seven new appointments join the Governing Authority.  Each member serves a five year term.

The DCU Governing Authority, chaired by the Chancellor Dr. Martin McAleese, is charged with the overall Governance of the University in accordance with the Universities Act 1997.  The Authority consists of thirty one members, both internal and external to the University.  The Authority meets at least six times per year and has a number of sub-committees (Audit, Risk, Strategic Finance, Nominations and Governance, Honorary Degree and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) in place to assist it in the performance of its functions.

ADAPT would like to congratulate Professors Walshe, O’Higgins Norman, and their colleagues on their new roles within the university.