ADAPT Academic Receives Early Career Award from the Society for Neuroeconomics

07 October 2022

ADAPT Academic and Director of Research at The Neureka Project, Dr Claire Gillan has recently been awarded the Early Career Award from the Society for Neuroeconomics. This is a significant achievement recognising Dr Gillan’s work focussing on using data science to understand, predict and treat mental health conditions.

Dr Gillan is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. She has made several important contributions towards our understanding of the brain’s habit system and how it relates to compulsive disorders. More recently, she has been driving a number of innovations in technology-based approaches to scaling-up psychiatry research, including developing a smartphone app (The Neureka Project), new methods for large-scale online treatment prediction studies and exploring linguistic analysis on social media as a way to capture how emotional states change through time.

Follow Dr. Gillan’s lab’s work at Gillan Lab and The Neureka project. The Neureka Project is run by researchers from the Gillan Lab at the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) in Trinity College Dublin. The project combines mobile technology with citizen science to help create a clearer picture of what keeps the brain healthy.