ADAPT Academic, Prof. Luca Longo co-edits book on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science as part of AICS2022

09 March 2023

ADAPT Academic Prof. Luca Longo (Technological University Dublin) recently revealed the book Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science that he co-edited along with colleague Ruairi O’Reilly (Munster Technological University) last year as a result of the proceedings of the 30th Irish Conference, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS2022).

AICS2022 took place in Ireland last December and this book is part of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science. It represents a comprehensive collection of the best contributions received in AICS2022 and presents recent developments in the context of theoretical models of Artificial Intelligence and practical, intelligent, applications.

The AICS Conference is Ireland’s primary forum for researchers with interests in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. For those interested in learning more, the book is open access and can be found here.