ADAPT Academic Organises International IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Trinity

10 June 2024

Trinity College Dublin was the venue for the sixth edition of the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, which took place from May 27th to May 31st. This year’s conference drew significant interest with its agenda featuring keynote speeches, research paper presentations, poster sessions, and interactive workshops. These sessions explored cutting-edge topics in blockchain security, decentralised technologies, and the future of digital finance.

A highlight of the conference was the keynote talks from notable figures such as Eric Van Miltenberg, Jiahua Xu, Sebastian Bode, and Jan Camenisch, who delved into complex themes such as MEV (Miner Extractable Value) mitigation, decentralised finance (DeFi), NFT rarity benchmarking, cross-chain asset transfers, and the development of innovative consensus mechanisms. These discussions emphasised the importance of efficiency, security, and privacy in blockchain applications, reflecting the community’s commitment to advancing these technologies.

Professor Hitesh Tewari from ADAPT at Trinity College Dublin was part of the organising committee and presented his recent research findings. His work, which focuses on enhancing cryptographic methods to bolster blockchain infrastructure, received substantial interest for its potential to increase the robustness of digital transactions and data privacy.

This annual event is a key event in the annual calendar for the blockchain community and  contributes to discussions on how these technologies can reshape our digital landscape.

For more details on the conference and to explore the full list of sessions and speakers, please visit IEEE ICBC 2024.