ADAPT Academic highlights issues faced by translators within the digital economy in recent publication

22 March 2024

A recent publication in Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice by ADAPT Academic Dr. Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University, alongside colleagues Gökhan Fırat and Dr. Joanna Gough from the Centre for Translation Studies in the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, sheds light on the working conditions and issues faced by translators within the digital economy. Titled “Translators in the Platform Economy: A Decent Work Perspective”, this research seeks to tackle the pressing issue of alignment of translation workers’ labour conditions with the principles of decent work. These principles form a key principle of UN Sustainable Development Goal 8.

The study reveals significant gaps in meeting six fundamental conditions of decent work, as outlined by the International Labour Organization. These gaps include inadequate earnings, excessive and asocial working hours, challenges in maintaining work-life balance, lack of a safe and healthy working environment, limited social security access, and a deficiency in social dialogue, representation, and workplace democracy. These identified issues align with previous research findings, which caution against the techno-political shifts in the translation sector, and will be expanded as part of Mr. Fırat’s PhD research.

To read the paper in full, access it online here.