ADAPT Academic and Team Receive Funding for Project Aiming to Empower Deaf women Surviving Domestic Violence Post-Covid in Rural Areas

20 January 2023

ADAPT Academic, Professor Lorraine Leeson and colleague Liane Quigley are part of a four person team who have recently received funding for their project, SILENT HARM: Empowering Deaf Women Surviving Domestic Violence Post-Covid in Rural Areas. The team, led by Professor Jemina Napier of Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, secured funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Irish Academy through the Ireland–Scotland Bilateral Network Grants scheme.

The team will expand on the findings of the European Commission-funded JUSTISIGNS 2 project (2020-2022) and use this award to hold training workshops for, and in collaboration with, Police Scotland and An Garda Síochána, the Scottish Collaborative of Sign Language Interpreters, the Association of Sign Language Interpreters UK, the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters, and deaf community organisations such as Deaf Links (Scotland) and the Irish Deaf Society. The project aims to empower deaf women who have survived incidences of gender-based violence through the training planned.