Work with Us to Co-Create Content for AI in My Life TY Programme

What is AI In My Life


We are excited about the role AI can have and want to encourage students and teachers confidence in talking about these advancements and changes, not the positives and the negatives. In this programme students and teachers will explore:

– how AI works, from the algorithms that run it to the unexpected biases within it,

– how much their daily interactions are influenced by AI decisions,

– what steps they can take to ensure they share their data safely and usefully,

– what a career working in and with AI might look like, and what future skills they may need.

Photo from Science Gallery Dublin

What is Co-Creation?

Co-creation is the development of concepts, projects and initiatives with people and not for them. This allows us to gather and incorporate insights from the students/teachers  to learn if the topic, the stories, activities and tools proposed make sense and are of interest and importance to them.

In short, we spend some time with students and teachers discussing with them what their concerns might be around AI, we then create content which we think addresses these concerns and check again with the students/ teachers if it’s really what they need.

Why are we doing this?

No one knows what is worrying students more, than the students themselves, and the people who spend most time with them, in this case teachers. We don’t want to create a learning resource that is full of things students don’t actually want or need instead we want to create a programme that is full of practical tips and tools to help them navigate the advancing le of AI in their lives currently and how it might affect them in the future, for instance careers

Why take part in Co-Creation sessions?

If you and your students have concerns about AI and its uses, are curious about AI’s impact or just looking something different, these co-creation sessions offer a deep dive into some of these tricky topics and allow students to interreact directly with researchers to learn more. Students will then have the satisfaction of helping create a resource that can then be used by future students.

What do these session look like?

We can do these session through Zoom, with students using computers and headphones, or we can do these session in person with some of our researchers visiting the schools to talk to students and teachers. 

We will have some activities prepared to get the students opinions on the topics we’re covering and tools we plan to use.

When will the co-creation session be taking place:

March through April, we’re happy to run these at a time that suits schools. Ideally, we look for three sessions with the students which can be single or double class periods; 

  • One to do introductions, to ourselves, you guys and the topic
  • One to do a deeper dive into the content and discuss with students what is concerning or what resonates
  • One to the refine some of the ideas based on what students have informed us in session 2 and for them to let us know if we heard correctly, and got it right

How do we get involved?

Email Anne Kearns at [email protected]


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