Ozobots Problem-Solving Workshops

Ozobots are small smart robots that are programmable through hand-drawn lines and colour codes. 

Ozobots expose students to basic concepts of digital engagement – such as machine vision and human-computer interaction – from a young age.

Problem solving, logic and computational thinking are at the core of the ADAPT Centre’s Ozobot workshops. 

ADAPT researchers have developed, formatively evaluated and refined a three-part Ozobot problem-solving workshop series suitable for primary school students aged 10-12 (5th – 6th class). 

The workshops begin with an introduction to Ozobot’s simple colour coding language using markers on paper. 

As the series progresses, students are introduced to the Scratch programming language.

An Irish language version of the workshops has proved hugely popular with students in Irish-speaking ‘Gaelscoileanna’.

More than 1,000 students have completed English and Irish language versions of ADAPT’s Ozobots workshop series.

Evaluation has revealed that students show a better understanding of concepts such as machine vision and human computer interaction as a result of workshop participation, as well as increased excitement for problem solving. 

If your school or library is interested in hosting a workshop, email [email protected].

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