Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society

Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society (INBOTS) is a project led by Bert Gordijn with the aim to increase engagement and understanding between the general public and new robotics technology. Going forward, robotic technologies have promised to facilitate, assist, augment or supplement our work and daily life. This evolution of robotics implies a closer physical, cognitive and emotional interaction with humans in a broad range of application domains and these rapid technological developments are expected to revolutionise our society. However, the rapid advances in robotics can make it difficult for people to understand the state of the technology, which can unfortunately create negative perceptions and overestimated expectations that should be clarified. 

INBOTS aims to overcome this lack of understanding and communication between all involved stakeholders with impacts that include greater collaboration between diverse robotics communities, higher-level of European involvement in global robotics regulations and an increase in public and private investment interest in robotics technology.

In this context, the overall objective of this project is to create a community hub that can bring together experts to debate and create a responsible research and innovation paradigm for robotics. INBOTS provides a platform to establish a working synergy between four pillars that covers all stakeholders in Interactive Robotics: the technical expertise pillar, the business expertise pillar, the ethical, legal and socio-economic (ELSE) expertise pillar, as well as the end-users, policymakers and general public pillar. This project strives at coordinating and supporting actions aimed at building bridges among these pillars to promote debate and create a responsible research and innovation paradigm that will potentiate EU leadership on robotics.

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  • Start date: 1 October 2018
  • PI: Bert Gordijn (Partner)
  • Acronym: INBOTS
  • Title: Inclusive Robotics for a better Society
  • Website:
  • Grant ID: 780073
  • Overall budget: €2,265,600
Project Contact
  • Bert Gordijn