GAP: Gaming for Peace

EU Personnel in Conflict Prevention and Peace Building missions come from diverse organisations and nations, yet must coordinate together in the temporary network or umbrella organization that comprises each CPPB mission. Coordination is challenging strategically and operationally. Gaming for Peace (GAP) provides an efficient and effective means of developing and delivering a base curriculum from CPPB relevant soft skills and end user identified training gaps. GAP designs a multiple player online role playing game which simulates scenarios from CPPB missions.

The GAP project launched an iterative process of curriculum development and refinement through end users (military, police and civilian personnel) evaluating the game and embedding base curriculum by playing the game and in doing so, bringing their own experiences to the game, thus further developing the curriculum of CPPB relevant soft skills. The GAP consortium is multidisciplinary with expertise in the social sciences, computer science, end users (including militaries and police), and SMEs in game design, curriculum development and skill standardization and harmonization, and has support from stakeholders including the ESDC, UN bodies and NATO.

The GAP concept, with its ability to show impact for the individual, the organisation, and society, is well placed to develop into a social enterprise, and the period following the end of the project is dedicated to that, and to laying the ground for commercial exploitation. Both strategies aim to maximize the development in the different advances in state of the art, in order to create a more secure society.

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  • Start date: 1 September 2016
  • PI: Vinny (Ann Holohan) - Coordinator
  • Acronym : GAP
  • Title: Gaming for Peace
  • Website:
  • Grant ID: 700670
Project Contact
  • Vinny (Ann Holohan)