The Endcare project brings together leading academic institutions and researchers, including scholars from the Pontifical Academy for Life, UNESCO, EthiMed (the network of Mediterranean Bioethicists), the Fondazione San Raffaele and the Catholic University of Leuven as well as leading practitioners in the field from Malta, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium and Holland.

The project addresses the critical issue of end of life treatment and, whilst repudiating euthanasia in all its forms, will examine the short comings of health care professionals, who at one extreme may be recommending extraordinary measures of nutrition, hydration and advanced life support systems at the very end of life and not accepting death as the inevitable outcome, and at the other extreme not even giving sufficient pain relief for those who need it for fear of hastening the patient’s demise.

Due to the complexity of the relevant academic, medical, moral, ethical, legal and social issues involved, across the European Community, the project requires close and continuous management of the deliverables in order to achieve the desired level of intellectual output. The project also seeks to identify effective training and political pathways for translating project outcomes into practice throughout the European Community.

Learn more: https://www.um.edu.mt/ms/endcare/about

  • Start date: 2015
  • PI: Bert Gordijn - Partner
  • Acronym: ENDCARE
  • Title: ENDCARE: Harmonisation and Dissemination of Best Practice, Educating and Alleviating concerns of Health Care Professionals on the proper practice of End Of Life
  • Website: https://www.um.edu.mt/ms/endcare/about
Project Contact
  • Bert Gordijn