INTEGRITY: Empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research

Building a culture of integrity within the scientific research community is vital. Research misconduct (inappropriately adjusting, excluding, altering or making up data) is moving up the political agenda. The EU-funded INTEGRITY project, co-ordinated by Prof. Linda Hogan, will build a teaching philosophy that focuses on the empowerment of students. The curriculum will be interactive, compelling and effective and will also include innovative training and mentoring, and cover a wide range of research fields from computer sciences to social sciences and humanity.

INTEGRITY’s innovative approach aims to empower students in responsible research. Using Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR), INTEGRITY will build a teaching philosophy that underpins comprehensive research integrity training. RCR will incorporate the conventional concerns of FFP (Fraud, Falsification and Plagiarism) and questionable research practices (QRC), yet use a new orientation, namely the empowerment of students. This is vital and innovative because today’s students will encounter dilemmas that current practice cannot yet foresee but need equipment for. 

The project will develop an interactive curriculum with compelling and effective tools that will be co-created with students, using key values, namely Transparency, Honesty and Responsibility. It will include innovative training and mentoring for influencers and will experiment with nudging techniques for effectiveness. The project will build capacity in a scaffolded manner, targeting different student group levels, and will deploy training in formal, non-formal and informal contexts and cover the full range of scholarly disciplines, including computer sciences technical studies, social sciences and humanities. The end date of the project will be 31 December 2021.


  • Start Date: 1 January 2019
  • PI: Linda Hogan (Partner)
  • Acronym: INTEGRITY
  • Title: Empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)
  • Website:
  • Grant ID: 824586
  • Overall budget: €2,497,036,25
Project Contact
  • Linda Hogan