TeamingAI: Building up smart manufacturing with artificial intelligence

Manufacturing has seen many developments over the years, and has been an essential part of most industries. Now, smart manufacturing is set to be the next step in its evolution. This allows increased competitiveness for organisations and increased support throughout the many processes included. Unfortunately, the AI technologies currently used for smart manufacturing lack self-adaptiveness and are mostly tasked with specific predefined settings. The EU-funded TEAMING.AI project aims to make a breakthrough in smart manufacturing. By introducing a new human and AI teaming framework, manufacturing processes will be optimised: the greatest strengths of both these elements can be maximised while safety and ethical compliance guidelines are examined and maintained.

The TEAMING.AI project will be run over 36 months with a work plan divided into 9 Work Packages. Work Packages from 1 to 5 are devoted to the development of new technology to enhance the interaction between human and machine. Furthermore, Work Packages 6 and 7 wrap the development of 3 use case scenarios. Finally, two final Work Packages (8 and 9) will work respectively on the dissemination, exploitation of results and coordination of the project in a transversally way to the above mentioned WPs.

  • Start date: 1 Jan 2021
  • PI: Chiara Leva (Partner)
  • Acronym: TeamingAI
  • Title: Building up smart manufacturing with artificial intelligence
  • Website: Not available yet
  • Grant ID: 957402
  • Overall budget: €5,721,853,75
Project Contact
  • Chiara Leva