ALIGNED is developing tools and methods for parallel software and data engineering of web-scale information systems. The complexity, volatility and variable quality of data available through the Internet far exceeds the capacity of traditional software engineering to produce applications which can master it. This project’s goal is to narrow this gap to produce innovative tools and methods which reduce the complexity and cost of creating and maintaining high-quality datasets and the software applications which use them.

ALIGNED produces technological foundations to enable actors in the European software industry to develop a new generation of low-cost agile services which leverage the vast amount of data available on the web. The project includes four use cases covering diverse domains. Seshat involves teams of social scientists building datasets which describe historical societies, while DBpedia, the hub of the web-of-data is building a high-quality general purpose encyclopaedia of structured data. The other two use-cases, Wolters Kluwer’s Jurion legal information system and the Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty product, cover commercial situations, a software user and a software developer respectively.

The concrete objective of ALIGNED is to demonstrate that the tools and methods that they develop can be integrated into the work-flows of all of these four use cases in such a way that they produce measurable improvements in terms of productivity, quality and agility. Achieving this across the diverse use cases will demonstrate the general utility and significance of our innovations.

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  • Start date: 1 Feb 2015
  • PI: Rob Brennan - Coordinator
  • Acronym: ALIGNED
  • Title: Aligned, Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering
  • Website:
  • Grant ID: 644055
  • Overall budget: €3,999,934
Project Contact
  • Rob Brennan