Posted: 12/04/18

Hosted by DCU Invent, five ADAPT members were recognised for their engagement with industry partners in 2017.

ADAPT has a strong focus on understanding and addressing technology and business challenges in order to deliver bespoke solutions tailored for industry collaborators, we are delighted by the achievements of the ADAPT members and their deserved recognition. These awards are testament to how ADAPT’s research is spearheading the development of next-generation digital technologies.

Awarded on the day were;

  • Dr Iacer Calixto, Professor Andy Way, Dr Haithem Alfi and Dr Antonio Toral for their work with eBay on Integration of Image Processing and Machine Translation
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  • Dr Guodong Xie, Longyue Wang and Professor Qun Liu for their collaboration on Discourse Level Machine Translation with Huawei
  • Joris Vreeke represented the team who have worked with Ryanair on developing a Next Generation Recommendation Engine
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  • ADAPT Funded Investigator, Markus Helfert, along with colleagues from DCU Institute of Education, Yvonne Crotty, Cathal Gurrin and Margaret Farren, were recognised for engagement with Hayes Culleton Group in a Peer to Peer BECK sharing platform
  • Professor Gareth Jones, Joris Vreeke, Piyush Arora, and Murhaf Hossari were awarded for their engagement with Wolters Kluwer in WKD Semantic Search
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