Posted: 10/12/20

Dublin, 10 December 2020: The 13th International Conference on Natural Language Generation (INLG 2020) will take place from next Tuesday 15th December to Thursday 17th December. This conference will be held for the first time entirely online and will be chaired by ADAPT’s Prof. John Kelleher, Dr. Brian Davis and Dr. Yvette Graham. The conference will present all aspects related to Natural Language Generation (NLG) including data-to-text, concept-to-text, text-to-text and vision-to-text. The programme also features three invited guest speakers, Lucia Specia, Claire Gardent and Michael White, who will present individual keynotes during the event.

Prof. Lucia Specia, Professor of NLG at Imperial College London and in part-time professorial roles with the ADAPT Centre in DCU and the University of Sheffield, is one of the featured keynote speakers at the event. Prof. Specia’s work focuses on various aspects of data-driven approaches to NLG with particular interest in multimodal and multilingual context models and work at the intersection of language and vision. She will be presenting her keynote, Challenges in Evaluating Language Output Tasks, on day two of the event.

Registration is still open for those who would like to attend the conference and join what is sure to be a highly informative event in the area of NLG.

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