ADAPT Researcher Appointed to Chair 2nd AI³ Workshop in Trento, Italy

19 January 2021
ADAPT Researcher Appointed to Chair 2nd AI³ Workshop in Trento, Italy

Posted: 18/06/18

ADAPT researcher Professor Luca Longo will serve as the general chair for the upcoming AI³ 2018, the second workshop on Advances In Argumentation In Artificial Intelligence. The ADAPT sponsored workshop aims to “stimulate discussions and promote scientific collaboration among researchers involved in the field of argumentation” according to the dedicated event website.

Argumentation, the study of the processes involved in the production and exchange of human arguments, has increasingly become a key field of research in Artificial Intelligence for its insight into diverse methods of reasoning and dialogue, as well as how people make and explain decisions. Researchers expect that such information can be utilized to develop trustable applications.

As the field of argumentation is inherently interdisciplinary, the workshop seeks to encourage discussion about the topic from different academic perspectives including computational, linguistic, philosophical, and psychological aspects. Scholars from research disciplines indirectly related to argumentation, including non-monotonic reasoning, logic programming, and natural language processing, to mention a few, are particularly welcome at the workshop for their input into some of the issues in argumentation, and to illuminate some of the obstacles the field may represent to an evolving AI-paradigm.

For the workshop, AI³ is soliciting the submission of the latest research results concerning applications and theory of computational argumentation by the 8th of August. Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Properties and evaluation of formal models of argumentation

– Dialogue based on argumentation

– Argumentation and human-computer interaction

– Argument based machine learning


The workshop will take place at Trento, Italy from November 20th to the 23rd. Additional details about the event, the program committee members, and paper topics are available on the AI³ website.

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