Zsolt Kardkovacs


Status: Former Member

Email Address: [email protected]

Dr. Zsolt T. Kardkovacs is a researcher at MTU Cork. He has 20 years research experience in cognitive data analysis and knowledge extraction including natural language interfaces to databases, natural language understanding, video data understanding and analysis related fields. He took his part in projects which built the first question answering, anaphora resolution, text summarization engine, and sentiment analysis system for Hungarian language. He participated and was awarded in several international competitions as a member of different teams e.g., in ACM KDDCup, or i2b2 challenge. The success of these teams led to the foundation of a spin-off company where he was an executive officer. In this company, he worked on innovation projects to help industry partners adapting to innovative technologies. Among others, with his team he worked on one the first commercially used table sign recognition system, he built a fully autonomous and working obstacle detection (blind guiding, or a video to sound transformation) system, he worked on various health care related problems (discharge summary fact extraction, protocol optimization, national health care data warehouse), sport data analysis (athlete and movement tracking, sport performance analysis) projects and record linkage detection applications. He joined MTU in 2022.

Research Domains
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Deep Learning
  • Entity Extraction
  • Image and Video processing
  • Knowledge & Data Engineering
  • Languages
  • Machine Translation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis