Theo Little

Project Manager

Email Address: [email protected]

Theo Little, Project Manager, DLab

MA in Design for Digital Media, Diploma in Marketing Communications and Advertising Strategy, BA in History.  Theo joined the DLab and ADAPT Centre in 2019. His main focus to date has been Beyond 2022, the digital recreation of the Public Record Office of Ireland. The roll involves the organisation and integration of a diverse and complex range of components and teams. He works with two diverse yet equally important groups of specialists. There is the archival discovery team who he engages with to identify, assess, digitally capture and integrate diverse historical documents. Then there is the technical team who he works with on the delivery of a range of components that includes knowledge management, linked data, database development, Virtual Reality design and development and front-end web development.

Theo is also involved with the Health Spoke in the design of systems to uplift data and visualise the outputs to enable clinicians to gain new insights and greater understanding of patient and caregiver data.

Finally he has helped in the design and implementation of a number of internal ADAPT Centre communication tools.