Kolawole Adebayo

CareerFit Marie Curie Research Fellow

Email Address: kolawole.adebayo@adaptcentre.ie

“Kolawole Adebayo has joined the School of Computing, Dublin City University since November 1, 2021, as a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Dr. Brian Davis.
Kolawole won the CareerFit-Marie-Curie Fellowship and will be working on the project LAIBRE- Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Bias-free REcruiting. LAIBRE will develop advanced NLP techniques to identify and eliminate bias across different Human resource (HR) workflows. LAIBRE will make recruiting fair and inclusive while promoting workplace diversity by helping recruiters and candidates identify elements of bias in HR processes.
Kolawole was previously an Erasmus Mundus Research Fellow within which he completed his PhD in Legal Informatics at the University of Bologna and PhD in Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg. He has experience working in the industry as a Data Scientist as well as in R&D as an Innovation Associate leading an Innosup-02 project for a company within the H2020 Research and Innovation Framework.

Research Domains
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Entity Extraction
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Semantic Representation
  • Sentiment Analysis