A satirical piece of work, by researcher Dr. Jennifer Edmont and artist Laura Allcorn, this SKU market explores how new types of social stratification is created by computational capitalism and algorithmic profiling. It challenges you to reflect and converse about how online data policies prompt biased algorithmic assumptions to affect not just what you buy, but who you think you are. The exhibit explores how purchasing habits and online behaviours may be interpreted, distorted and then used to shape our lives in unexpected ways. In the SKU market, an algorithmic building checkout, scans the items you chose from the Algorithm Aisle. In this aisle there will be products you love. Participants were asked to choose five items that ‘gave them life’ and scan them through the checkout. The algorithms will build a profile of you based on these 5 items. There are many items available in the SKU market range for example: VR headsets, social media pages, dating apps, human rights t-shirts, single origin coffee and r

Dr Ivan Bacher

Research Engineer

Email Address: [email protected]

Ivan is currently working as a Research Engineer in the Design and Innovation Lab. He has worked on a variety of projects with industry partners and academic institutions. His expertise lies in researching, designing, and implementing human centred solutions to complex problems using state of the art techniques related to information visualisation, human computer interaction, and user interface design. Before joining the Design and Innovation Lab, Ivan obtained his PhD in Information, Communications, and Media Technologies from TU Dublin. His PhD focused on the visualisation of complex relationships within source code in order to facilitate the process of understanding, writing, and modifying software code.

Research Domains
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • User Centric Design and Modelling