Anne Kearns

SFI Discover Project Co-Ordinator 

Status: Former Member

Email Address: [email protected]

Anne Kearns is an engagement specialist who has worked across the private, public and third sector. She has worked in public education and engagement across a range of disciplines from museums and galleries to research centres. She has a wealth of experience in creating engagement programmes and education resources across topics such as architecture, art, ethics and privacy, artificial intelligence and culture. Her particular interest is in co-creating programmes with participants, ensuring that the content, topics and activities resonate with the target users and meets the needs of those for whom it’s designed. She has built these co-creation skills through her Masters in Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries and running a national public engagement co-creation project for Irish Architecture Foundation, named Reimagine, funded by Creative Ireland. She also has a history of producing artist in residency programmes, festivals and exhibitions.


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