AI in My Life Taster Lesson

The AI in My Life taster lesson provides an introduction to some of the key topics covered in the broader AI in My Life workshop series.

Delivery: This taster lesson has been designed as a teacher-led in-person class workshop. However, in spring 2024 ADAPT is offering schools the opportunity to have an AI Ambassador (i.e., a trained ADAPT researcher or undergraduate student from one our partner universities) visit and deliver the workshop. If you’d like to avail of this opportunity, please email [email protected]

Recommended Duration: 90-120 mins.

Learning Intentions

By the end of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Give examples of how AI is used
  • State some of the ethical and privacy implications of AI
  • Evaluate the role of AI in their lives and in society

Key Themes

  • What is AI
  • Machine Learning
  • AI and Bias
  • Is AI always used for good?
  • The Importance of Data
  • AI and Ethics