Technology Observatory

AI Assisted Technology Sourcing and Procurement


Automate the analysis of data from multiple sources, improve the speed and accuracy of identifying trends and new technologies. Reduce the cost and manual effort to produce insight reports.

ADAPT Solution

Inputs: Known social media hashtags, technology terms, websites, blogs, tech journals.

Adapt Technology: Adapt developed a machine-learning-based solution capable of extracting known technologies, identifying emerging ones, associate related terms and classify them into relevant semantic categories. By using sentiment prediction around the technologies, we can predict the trending and popularity of these.

Outputs: Interactive system to explore the data, ranking based on novelty, sentiment, co-occurrence and popularity.

Results & Benefits

Improve and automate the discovery, curation and exploitation of data sources through an interactive and visual system.
Save up to 20% manual work.
Provides 3:1 Return on Investment.

Use Cases

Use AI to search across the web and internal systems (Salesforce, Jive, Oracle, Adobe, Trading Systems) for terms and concepts and discover trends and insights that are relevant to your business.

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