AIMapIT constitutes an innovative AI solution for discovery, detection and GPS mapping of stationary objects. The system can be trained to detect any street furniture (post boxes, various poles and street-lamps, traffic lights and signs, transport stops, benches, etc.), vegetation (individual trees), small facade elements (cameras, antennas, security alarm boxes, etc.) and minor landmarks from street level imagery (e.g., Google Street View, Mapillary, OpenStreetCam, Bing Streetside, etc.).

Currently, infrastructure and utility companies use costly manual inventory campaigns to populate and keep their asset database up to date. Assets such as road signage (signs, traffic lights) and telegraph / electricity network infrastructure (poles) are often distributed over large geographic areas which makes the process of data collection particularly labour-intensive, time-consuming and subject to human errors. AIMapIT replaces manual inventory campaigns by a cutomisable fully automated computer-based solution.

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