PEEP is a Web-based personalised content delivery platform to support event participation and interaction. Features such as in-video searching and text summaries of multilingual content make for a richer experience for event attendees. 

Event attendees often have to deal with a deluge of information at events (e.g. at conferences, product launches). With parallel sessions and different tracks, attendees can’t attend all sessions and so lose out. Additionally, remote attendees or absentees often miss out on the discussions, reactions and social media comments. Sifting through event materials (presentation slides, hour-long videos, etc.) to find most relevant information is time-consuming and laborious.

What is required is a tool to provide event attendees with event content most relevant to their needs and interests. The PEEP Web-based platform helps to address this need by enabling event attendees to access – quickly and easily – the content most relevant to their needs and interests. 

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