Problem-Solving Initiative

Fostering the next generation of problem solvers for Ireland

ADAPT’s Problem-Solving Initiative is designed to help:

  • Raise the Irish public’s awareness of and appreciation for the importance and applicability of problem-solving skills across science, the economy and society
  • Promote STEM career pathways for those who enjoy solving problems
  • Encourage people of all ages to hone their lateral-thinking skills
  • Create enthusiasm within the Irish public for problem-solving by engaging people directly with exciting puzzles and mind-bending challenges[LG1] 

Highlights of the Problem-Solving Initiative since its launch in 2016 include:

7,600+ students from 305 schools in 32 counties participated in ADAPT All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad
Hosting of the 30-nation International Linguistics Olympiad 2017 in Dublin
Attracting 2,100+ visitors to the Problem-Solving Festival in September 2017

  • Creating a suite of the problem-solving puzzles and games for the public, including puzzles for young children which will feed into the design of the Primary School Problem-Solving Toolkit
  • Engagement of 22,800+ people at Public Science Festivals including Science Week Events in Dublin and Monaghan and the Big Day Out at the St Patrick’s Festival in Dublin.

Visit the Problem-Solving Initiative website