At primary level, ADAPT aims to:

  • Foster students’ interest in and excitement for problem-solving in a digital world from a young age
  • Leverage problem-solving activities to introduce students to basic concepts relating to ADAPT’s research underpinning future digital engagement

Primary School Problem-Solving Toolkit

As part of its Problem-Solving Initiative ADAPT has developed foundation problem-solving resources including logic puzzles and cipher disc challenges. It is currently refining and testing these resources with a view to having them form the basis of a problem-solving classroom pack for schools.  The resources will be piloted in primary schools in 2018.

Ozobot Workshop Series

Ozobots are small smart robots that are programmable through drawn lines and colour codes that enable students to create autonomous behaviour and complex programmes.

Problem solving, logic and computational thinking are at the core of the Ozobot classroom activities. They provide the opportunity to expose students to basic concepts of digital engagement – such as machine vision and human-computer interaction – at a young age.

ADAPT is developing a 3-part Ozobot workshop series for primary schools. The workshops will be piloted in schools in 2018 with a view to offering them as a supplementary offering to the problem-solving toolkit in 2019.

Interested? If your school is interested in participating in the above pilot programmes, please contact our Education and Public Engagement Manager, Laura Grehan, at