Posted: 08/04/20

UPDATE, 17th April 2020: Over the past week, ADAPT and OSi have worked to make this data more widely available and easier to access. In addition to the Geohive portal, the data is now available on

Dublin, 8th April 2020: As of today 8th April the COVID-19 Health Surveillance Monitor (Ireland) data that is being regularly published through and government websites, is now available as open data in the high quality (5-star) Linked Open Data format through the portal at

This format will facilitate easier data integration into data analysis systems and web apps being developed by researchers and app developers. 

The portal has been developed by Ordnance Survey Ireland and the SFI ADAPT research centre for the publication of geospatial related data as Linked Open Data.

For general health data on the coronavirus Please visit for health information on the coronavirus and for information on the government response to the coronavirus.

The OSi whitepaper Moving Beyond the MAp is viewable here

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