Posted: 04/12/16

The ADAPT Centre is to host the H2020 funded FREME project, an open framework for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. FREME empowers digital content managers with extensible e-Services that address content related challenges, such as terminology extraction and entity spotting, in different EU languages.

The framework provides access to six e-Services for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. It has been created and validated with input from four business cases: Vistatech - “Integrating semantic enrichment into multilingual content”; Wripl Technologies - “Personalised Content Solutions"; AkroKnow - “Enhancing the cross language sharing and access to open agricultural and food data”; and iMinds - “Authoring of Multilingual and Enriched eBooks”.

The framework is being developed under an open license and in open (GitHub) repositories to provide a seed for a growing open community, and by using a set of standardised technologies in the realm of semantics and multilingualism. ADAPT will be hosting the framework and seeks to further develop it with the goal to empower both research and industry projects. 

The project is being led within ADAPT by Dr Kevin Koidl and Professor Dave Lewis. Speaking about the extension of the framework, FREME Principal Investigator Felix Sasaki of DFKI in Germany said: “I am delighted that the FREME project will continue to be used and extended under ADAPT leadership to create a growing set of e-Services around Intelligent Content innovation.  In addition to ADAPT, FREME has been extended to be used in the German project 'Digital Curation Technologies'  leading to exciting partnership and funding opportunities between ADAPT and other international partners.” 

The FREME framework will be available in early 2017. For question about the framework in general or how to get involved please contact Kevin Koidl

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