ADAPT has significant commercial expertise having engaged with more than 140 companies in Ireland and beyond, ranging from indigenous start-ups to multinational enterprises. With a dedicated business and commercial development team, ADAPT has a strong focus on understanding and addressing technology and business challenges in order to deliver bespoke solutions tailored for industry collaborators.

Design & Innovation Lab

Design & Innovation Lab

Our dedicated Design & Innovation Lab (dLab) aims to solve immediate business needs by leveraging the outputs of platform research to generate commercial impact for ADAPT partners and clients.  The dLab is a unique feature of the ADAPT Centre and is flexible in responding to partners’ needs, by collaborating on short-term rapid prototyping or on tackling larger industry challenges.  

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Key Areas Of Expertise


Optimise time and potential by exploring solutions and developing new business models that can transform businesses by unlocking the knowledge in unstructured digital data.1

Digital Media

Digital media or content that is stored in digital formats, is enabling unprecedented communication across distances, languages and devices, and creating business value for partners.2


Create opportunities for innovation, growth and better healthcare by connected health systems and the data to help health professionals and citizens receive better information on medical conditions and treatments. 3

Gaming & Entertainment

Change the way your customers experience digital play, from breaking down language barriers to delivering virtual reality experiences.4

Fraud Detection & Avoidance

Search within data, explore a topic by theme, and get to the right content faster through smart navigation of the avalanche of data available to investigation teams. 5

eCommerce / eService

Recommend products that match your customers' needs, analyse reviews or survey data for topics and trends, and choose the digital content that best showcases your offering.6

Social Media Analytics

Evaluate your brand equity, conduct social media listening and influencer analysis, and reveal valuable human insights about your customers.7

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the influencers in your space, connect with them and address the ideas that interest listeners.8

Digital Privacy

Secure personal and business assets across digital media.9


Connect multi-lingual users in real-time with instant translation of digital content.10

Risk Analytics & Management

Extract insights from digital data helping to mitigate risk and manage knowledge more effectively.11

Global Content Strategy

Avoid convoluted and inaccurate demographic targeting, and discover the subtle themes in your content that speak to different users.12

Regulatory Compliance

Decrease litigation by mining your data for risk and building analytics that can underpin regulatory compliance.13


Tailor content to an audience of one, personalised to the users' needs and skills level.14

Data Visualisation

Simplify the presentation of information and unlock the opportunities that exist within digital data.15

Work With Us

Business & Industry Partners

ADAPT is supported by the Irish government through a Science Foundation Ireland investment of €24 million. This funding is leveraged with an additional €26 million from industry partners.

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Case Study

Mobile Real-Time Translation

Translate or post-edit content on the fly!

Case Study

Translation Technology Recommender

Leverage technology for greater translation productivity!

Case Study

Consistent Brand Voice

Communicate your brand to All of your global customers, consistently and in their language.

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Assessing the Quality of Geospatial Linked Data – Experiences from Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi)


Generating High-Quality Surface Realizations Using Data Augmentation and Factored Sequence Models


Object Geolocation from Crowdsourced Street Level Imagery 


Appointment in Samarra: Pre-destination and Bi-camerality in Lightweight Story-Telling Systems

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Licensing Opportunities

21 Sep

Minister Heather Humphreys Launches All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad In Monaghan School



ADAPT's Inspiring Education and Public Engagement Programme

ADAPT Centre Nominated for AI Award
  • Event
  • 4th Nov 2019, 3PM
  • Altice Arena & Fil, Lisbon, Portugal

Altice Arena & Fil, Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit & MoneyConf

ADAPT technologies will be on show close to a main walkway at the MoneyConf stage in FIL2, at WebSummit.
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Postdoctoral Programme, EDGE, Shortlisted for Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards

Five initiatives which aim to inspire and develop Ireland’s future engineering talent at third level have been shortlisted in the category.

14 Oct
Minister Heather Humphreys Launches All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad In Monaghan School

The All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad (AILO) was launched today with a workshop in Ballybay Community College, Monaghan today.

7 Oct
ADAPT Centre Nominated for AI Award

The shortlisted application is headed up by Professor Naomi Harte and focuses on audio visual speech recognition.

2 Oct

ADAPT's Inspiring Education and Public Engagement Programme

International Video Intelligence Forum 2019

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