ADAPT can help you significantly enhance the performance of machine translation reviewers and post-editors; saving money and reducing risk of brand damage from poor quality translations.

Industry Challenge

Technology has enabled faster production of greater volumes of multilingual content, speeding up the translation production process. However, the linguistic review process has not progressed to the same degree as automated translation practices. Human reviewers read as much content as time allows, but when time is limited or the volume of content to review is too high, coverage is random and partial. ADAPT researchers recognised the need for a scalable intelligent language quality analytics tool that could cost effectively protect the stylistic consistency and the brand integrity of translated documents.

The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s content analytics experts developed Review Sentinel, which is a text analytics and text classification application that assesses language conformance of translated assets, and directs reviewers to the sections in most need of attention. Review Sentinel is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service application that provides a consistent, impartial and automated method for checking translated documents against a reference corpus of known quality. An interactive browser-based interface directs reviewers and post-editors. 

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