Industry Challenge 
Companies recognise that providing relevant support documents that are readily available can increase customer satisfaction. However, since content quickly accumulates in different content ‘silos’ across multiple languages, customers often don’t know where to find the information they need. 

Surprisingly, many content management systems fail to make use of external information, or only search for solutions across one resource type and in one language. Customers therefore often resort to general online searches, reducing their satisfaction.

ADAPT identified an opportunity to maximise existing corporate and external resources. In collaboration with Symantec’s customer support team, ADAPT developed a solution that sought to personalise and adapt user queries from the company’s technical library and wider knowledge base, across a number of languages.

The ADAPT Solution 
ADAPT’s personalisation experts developed a web-based personalised multilingual customer care technology that personalises delivery of open-web and user- generated forum content for each customer query.

The ADAPT technology provides focused assistance to customers by drawing on the best combination of content. It enables companies to reduce costs, increase satisfaction and track support activity for each customer based on past behaviour, so that future interactions can be more personalised. 

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