ADAPT can help you learn about consumers’ online browsing habits and increase user engagement with individually tailored and relevant content.

Industry Challenge 

Consumers are becoming more and more proactive in seeking out products and brands that fit with their lifestyles. However, the difficulty for companies targeting these consumers often lies in their inability to accurately identify customer browsing interests to keep them engaged with the website. ADAPT researchers identified an opportunity to provide a personalisation solution that could deliver highly relevant web content recommendations.

The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s personalisation and adaptivity experts developed ‘Wripl’, a personalised recommendation platform that learns what each consumer is interested in and serves them highly targeted content recommendations. Wripl connects the user experience across websites and devices, building an interest profile of the consumer by gathering information about their online activities – what they are reading, what they are clicking on, etc. This interest profile can recommend articles and products that are relevant and interesting to that individual. The platform uses topic-extraction technology to index content on a Wriplenabled website. Wripl then matches this index with the user’s online behaviour based on key metrics. As the user browses the website, their interests are added to their profile, becoming an individual ‘personalisation wallet’. This personalisation wallet ensures that web users can discover content that is highly relevant to them across multiple devices.

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