ADAPT can help you improve customer communication and strengthen your digital marketing activities by making better use of both company and user-generated online resources with our innovative customer support optimisation technology.

Industry Challenge 

Content creators often waste valuable resources as they sift through existing descriptions of technical problems and solutions to create original and relevant customer support content. Not only is the generation of original content time consuming and costly to create; near duplicate content also negatively impacts digital marketing by lowering online search rankings, potentially resulting in missed opportunities for your organisation. ADAPT partnered with Symantec, one of the world’s largest security and backup software corporations, to develop an automatic solution; an online support tool that could quickly identify and group near-duplicate documents from a large digital repository of more than 200,000 technical and customer care documents.

The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s content analytics experts developed ‘SlmFast’, an online customer support optimisation tool that identifies near duplicate content within large digital content collections (e.g. customer support repositories), slimming down and removing costly manual intervention. SlmFast uses state-of-the-art text analysis and information retrieval technology to visualise results, which are grouped by category, and highlight any differences within the documents. This solution enabled Symantec’s content managers, marketers and customer service managers to optimise their customer support resources more effectively, leading to significant cost savings and overall improvement in customer care.

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