ADAPT can help improve your keyword management for global content, using Machine Learning to harvest terms that are in real use and facilitating term re-use, optimisation and application.

Industry Challenge

For many sectors, local language keywords are used by customers seeking out information as part of their research and purchase process. Global content needs local impact. This means that the choice of keywords to target in each locale is not as straightforward as direct translation. ADAPT and Intel collaborated to address this problem, Multilingual search optimisation helps to address the challenges of an increasingly global consumer profile and multilingual web.

The ADAPT Solution

In collaboration with Intel, ADAPT’s language technology and content analytics experts developed a tool that suggests multi-lingual keywords in relation to selected topics. The project draws on ADAPT and Intel’s combined expertise in content analysis,natural language processing, machine learning, data science, user interface design, and user experience modeling. The system extracts topics from different sources to help define keywords in context outside of the Intel website. The solution provides a data-driven approach to keyword harvesting. It supports selection of relevant keywords for languages and locales, and gives content managers a global view of keywords.

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