ADAPT can help you harness the power of the crowd to communicate globally with on-demand, real-time translation of low-context, highly perishable content such as tweets, SMS messages and hyper-local advertisements.

Industry Challenge

The rise of social media and blogging is changing the global communication landscape, where real-time mobile translation is not feasible without automation. Since current machine translation technologies are not equipped to successfully translate ‘social media speak’, companies are looking towards crowdsourcing translation models to aid communication across languages and cultures. Recognising these difficulties and the rising popularity of ‘crowdsourcing translation models’, ADAPT researchers developed a mobile platform that can be used to quickly and efficiently translate and post-edit small chunks of text.

The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s language technology experts developed the mobile translation and post-editing platform ‘Kanjingo’. It enables near real-time post-editing of small chunks of text, including highly perishable content, such as tweets, SMS messages and hyper-local advertisements. Kanjingo is an intuitive mobile application giving translators the power to quickly translate or post-edit small chunks of text on their smartphones, while on the go. The app can be easily implemented in any translation workflow and will also prove a useful tool for companies aiming to introduce crowdsourcing or volunteer translation models, and in emergency situations such as disaster relief.

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