Industry Challenge

Companies that focus on delivering a great user experience reap the benefits of greater loyalty and more repeat business from their customers. As technology is continuing to advance, traditional markets and customer touch points are also constantly evolving; customers want relevant content delivered in real-time, across a variety of media platforms and according to their preferences. Partnering with Xanadu Consultancy, ADAPT developed an automated solution that could deliver personalised content, tailored to customer needs and interests on high-transactional and real-time systems.

The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s personalisation experts developed a scalable customer segmentation tool, which profiles and clusters customers based on automatic analysis of large volumes of transaction data. Content analytics techniques were also applied to both structured and unstructured customer data, which was then analysed by a recommender engine that predicts events and relevant content based on previous activity and preferences. The platform can be easily integrated with an advanced content management system, allowing content to also be created manually with personalised customer information easily visualised in a Google analytics style page view.

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