ADAPT can help you communicate a consistent corporate brand message across your company’s diverse global communications assets.

 Industry Challenge

A key competitive advantage for any company is the ability to consistently communicate its unique brand voice across global markets. The capacity to ensure brand integrity while penetrating new markets with different languages and cultures can be a costly endeavour for any company operating a global business. Working together with our partners to protect the style consistency and brand integrity of multilingual content, ADAPT identified a common need for a time and cost-sensitive solution — an automated process that could instantly recognise style inconsistencies.

 The ADAPT Solution

ADAPT’s experts in language technology and content analytics developed an advanced web-based quality analysis tool to address the challenge of maintaining a consistent brand voice. The tool extracts stylistic characteristics from reference texts, assesses whether content adheres to these characteristics, and generates a content consistency score across multiple languages. Marketers and localisation project managers can use this score to help effectively communicate global brand value at a local level, supporting a ‘Glocal’ strategy for companies seeking to internationalise their brands.

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