Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: Software Engineer

The ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin seeks to hire a Software Engineer for a Recommender- System Spin-Out Company. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing a recommender-system as-a-service that uses unique technology, based on the research of the project leader, Professor Joeran Beel.

There is currently a prototype of the system, which delivers around 10 million recommendations per month to two pilot partners. However, the current system is being re-designed, re-implemented, and extended with various features. The goal is to develop a market-ready prototype, acquire around 10 more pilot partners, and spin-out a start-up company. The two employees hired are expected to be the founders of the start-up company, together with Professor Beel.

The software architect/product owner will be responsible for the technical design of the system and ensuring high code quality. This includes designing a RESTful API/Webservice, tools to import data from various partners, and design a cloud infrastructure to store terra bytes of data and manage the delivery of hundreds of millions of recommendations per month.

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